Besplatni onlajn kursevi za nastavnike!

PresentationKrajem februara i početkom marta 2017. godine na platformama European Schoolnet Academy i School Education Gateway počeće četiri masovna otvorena onlajn kursa za nastavnike. Naravno, pristup ovim kursevima je potpuno besplatan, a po uspešnom završetku kursa svaki polaznik dobija digitalni sertifikat i bež. Ukoliko vam odgovara ovakav način stručnog usavršavanja i razmene iskustava sa kolegama širom sveta, informacije o kursevima slede u nastavku, a ukoliko želite da vidite još ovakvih objava na ovom blogu, napišite u komentaru.

1. Navigation through the ages: This course aims to prepare you on how to successfully teach your subject by using the Navigation theme, in the context of space and astronomy, as a vehicle and as an inspiration for your students. In the Navigation through the Ages MOOC, we will explore the rich history of navigation, and journey together from ancient Greece, the fifteenth century European explorers and their missions of global discovery, to the importance of Europe’s Galileo programme for the current needs of citizens (mobile devices, increased mobility, safety, security etc.). The course starts on 27th February and you can enroll here.

2. Boosting a Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship in Your Students: This course has been designed with the intention to provide you with concrete examples for the practical implementation of the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp). Each module consists of several videos, illustrating lesson plans, teaching activities, or possible resources that could enable teachers and educators to foster entrepreneurial skills in their students. The course starts on 27th February and you can enroll here.

3. Opening Minds to STEM Careers: The “Opening minds to STEM careers” MOOC is designed to train and empower primary and secondary teachers in successfully introducing and attracting young people to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) professions. The main purpose of the course is to learn how to integrate STEM career orientation activities both in the curriculum and in lesson planning. This will enable teachers to become familiar with STEM career pathways while providing students with the necessary skills to enter the job market. The course starts on 3rd April. You can enroll here.


4.  Cultural Diversity in Your Classroom-Rerun: In this course you will look at why it is important to explore cultural diversity in schools, what different models of cultural diverse societies there are and how that plays a role in schools. You will develop methods to work with students who do not speak the language of instruction very well, identify ways on how to build a sense of belonging and identity in your class and reflect on how you develop empathy and open-mindedness. The course is part of a 3-part series of courses exploring the topic of cultural diversity, the situation of newly arrived migrants in general and how to integrate newly arrived migrant students in schools and classrooms. If all three courses as part of the series are completed within two calendar years, a special certificate and recognition is awarded on top of the individual course certificates. The course begins on 20 February and you can enroll here.

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